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All the needles in the dispenser have those specifications

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No matter what is the dispenser styles in use will be equipped with a variety of different dispensing needle, needle dispensing machine appears to enhance the quality of the glue dispensing equipment and dispensing accuracy, users should pay attention to several places in the choice of dispensing needle, we must first understand the different points and practical application of glue machine needle presence of what effect?
Choose the dispensing needle specification is often user errors on the dispensing needle type, dispensing needle general specifications in 14G to 34G, if the higher the number represents its structure more compact than fine. In fact, with the ordinary dispensing needle dispensing accuracy and higher quality, the needles are generally in foreign countries industry market sales outstanding effect, although the dispensing needle specifications are different, but the external build length if there is not much difference between most of the production work, the specific needs of users, the best choice of dispensing needle about 30G, can satisfy the high precision production, but the market price of this kind of high precision dispensing needle high.
The dispensing needle belongs to universal stainless steel needle, its limitations like ordinary stainless steel needles, because the needles in the dispensing work belongs to the general type of accessories, so most dispensing machine are equipped with stainless steel support dispensing needle for dispensing, in order to achieve the effect of dispensing with high precision and high quality, the user should choose stainless steel needles high specifications as dispensing accessories, stainless steel with long effective service life, used in the dispensing work to ensure the stability and consistency, in order to meet most of the work is dispensing, dispensing needle a higher utility.
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