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What is the size of the needle for the glue dispenser that i

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The dispensing needle is a spare parts dispensing machine, low quality and low cost of dispensing needles in normal dispensing work often prone to all kinds of problems, it is very important to choose a practical and efficient use of needles of long life, users should consider the application of industry, its size in the choice of dispensing needles, then dispensing a size which is the most suitable for production?
The higher requirement on the dispensing process manufacturing process of electronic components, this is because the structure of small electronic components, in addition to a comprehensive implementation of dispensing equipment, also has some special requirements on the dispenser and dispensing needle, needle is the best for the specification in production of electronic components in the selection of the bigger the better, because the dispensing needle specifications represent the production size is smaller, the quantity of cement can be more precise and meticulous work, seamless bonding of miniature electronic components, can also fill the slit, ensure the production work in the electronic components of the best effect.
If the need for irregular path coating work, may choose to use a larger size of needles, needles on behalf of the larger quantity of cement will be more uniform, the use of large size dispensing needle can improve dispensing efficiency, ensure coating area is maximized, has been widely used in the production of large type of handicraft work.
The dispensing needle on the market with stainless steel needles for stainless steel needles, has the characteristics of long service life, stable glue evenly, support a variety of dispensing machine configuration, according to the actual situation can also choose different sizes of stainless steel needles used in mechanical work, determined to work out the user's dispensing.
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