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Comparison between the price of the needles of Dongguan glue

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The development of dispensing technology has experienced many years, there is demand for dispensing equipment users to solve the difficulties and low efficiency of dispensing dispensing two big problems, different areas of both the differences of the dispensing equipment or related accessories prices in Dongguan and Shenzhen in two place as a comparison, the price there is a dispensing needle fly, what factors caused the difference between Dongguan and Shenzhen two needles on the price?
Dongguan is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese investment provides an important help for industrial development in Dongguan, is China's important "world factory" in the field of industrial production of dispensing technology demand is rising along with the drive is related to dispensing equipment and consumables sales growth so, in a few years ago the price is very high, by the various sectors in the field of people's attention, in recent years, the Dongguan area industry is saturated, creating a dispensing equipment and accessories in Dongguan price decline, Dongguan prices are usually in the dispensing needle head 5-10 yuan.
Shenzhen is China's four largest first-tier cities, including the famous Huaqiang North business district as the production of electronic industry, the demand of dispensing equipment is very high, the adhesive is mainly used in the chip package and LCD screen and other products, so the Shenzhen area dispensing and dispensing needle prices in Dongguan sales the price is higher, it is an important factor caused by market demand. Use the related intelligent equipment production area gradually become Huaqiang North now "Chinese electronic first street".
The glue technology has an indispensable role in the industrial production field, which brings up the price difference between the equipment and the related accessories in different regions.
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