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Can the automatic dispenser be used without needles

writer:xiaoliu time:2018-01-11 09:14 clicks:
The development of automatic dispensing machine in China need not many years, but in foreign countries have a long history, domestic manufacturers love dispensing machine production technology abroad, now the market has produced a variety of automatic dispensing machine, although many of the dispensing machine is used for automatic dispensing machine based the template developed, but add a lot of performance, automatic dispensing machine without dispensing needles? In fact, it is possible.
Domestic innovation and manufacturing is far behind foreign and domestic enterprises have a relatively strong learning motivation for knowledge, often communicate with foreign automatic dispensing machine manufacturers, so learn a lot of manufacturing method of automatic dispensing machine, also developed some glue dispensing machine, the effect is quite good, but there are some gaps with dispensing equipment abroad.
After years of exploration, finally developed a dispensing machine does not need automatic dispensing needle capable of dispensing, called jet automatic dispensing machine, many functions are modified by the manufacturer, to develop a dispensing equipment, automatic dispensing machine without needle? The answer is yes, this is the crystallization of technological progress, and the results of the efforts of the domestic glue dispenser manufacturers, and become a milestone in the automatic glue dispenser.
Automatic dispensing machine without needle has become a new direction in the development of this industry, is not only to improve the rubber industry production speed, but also improves the dispensing speed and quality, because the technology is still not developed, jet type automatic dispensing machine is just a "green" dispensing machine, but also have great development space, after a lot of industry they need to use the dispenser.
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