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Avoid glue dispensing valve does not appear in the dispensin

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No matter what kind of glue equipment is used, there will be a failure, so how do we avoid this kind of fault in the process of glue? For example: how to avoid the phenomenon of common glue dispensing machine precision precision dispensing valve dispensing operation after completion.
Precision automatic dispensing valve
So we want to solve this kind of problem, should first understand why precision dispensing valve will appear this kind of problem; therefore I have this kind of problem is divided into the following three aspects: one is the precision dispensing valve problem; two is the size of the dispensing needle aperture; the last one is the problem of the external environment.
Double component precision dispensing valve
Although most of these problems are caused by the pinhole size of dispensing needles, some of them come from two other reasons, because all dispensing accessories are interconnected and co assisted. These problems are mainly caused by the needles is too small, the exhaust function of dispensing valve is blocked, the glue dispensing appeared strong pressure, resulting in glue by this thrust, completed in the dispensing operation, still dripping from the dispensing needle. The solution to this problem of dispensing is very simple, as long as the replacement of a large aperture on the dispensing needle or use inclined needles, can solve the phenomenon of glue.
Precision high speed glue valve
Sometimes the dispensing valve for its own reasons, will also be the glue problem. The cause is precision dispensing in long time after dispensing, dispensing valve internal parts will wear, it cannot lead to function properly, the glue leaking from the dispensing valve, and the formation of glue phenomenon. Then we need to replace the new dispensing parts or lubricate the vulnerable parts, so that we can play its vacuum suction function to solve this problem. It is this kind of function, the stainless steel dot glue valve is also known as the return suction precision spot glue valve.
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