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How to adjust the needle with the automatic glue dispenser

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Although the dispensing needle than the dispensing valve used is relatively simple, but a lot of people in the use of the process will ignore some of the specifics, want each glue point to meet the needs of the industry, you can use the automatic dispensing machine is very good, certainly not the automatic dispensing machine performance is good, can decide the quality of the product, but also need to the correct installation of accessories, so the effect of dispensing would be most effective.
Automatic dispensing machine needle is directly related to the effect of dispensing accessories, in addition to jet type automatic dispensing machine, automatic glue machine glue all through the dispensing needle to product dispensing needle selection and handle installation details, so as to improve the effect of dispensing, dispensing needles used correctly, adjust the appropriate automatic glue dispensing needle dispensing machine, so as not to cause serious consequences for dispensing.
How to adjust the needle automatic dispensing machine, dispensing valve needle dispensing glue mouth specification should first use the appropriate automatic dispensing machine, each glue dispensing valve outlet is provided with a nut cap, in order to prevent the needles at work because of too much pressure off, so the nut cap is needed to tighten, tighten in before, need to adjust the position of dispensing needle, which can prevent the dispensing needle deflection phenomenon.
If the dispensing needle skew appeared in the dispensing process, can loosen the nut cap, adjusted using pliers, you can put the local skew adjusted correctly, this method is not able to use all the needles, such as disposable needles, material reasons, can not be adjusted using much cheaper, dispensing valve can directly replace the dispenser, stop dispensing, and then replaced, this will not lead to the flow of glue, also can ensure the quality of products.
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