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How to match the needles correctly with the automatic glue d

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Automatic dispensing machine now in addition to jet, other equipment are required to use the glue dispensing machine needle, may wait until after the development of automatic dispensing technology is mature, do not need to use needles, but there is still a need to use needles, automatic dispensing machine, dispensing needles also have a way, has accumulated a lot of glue the needle method, does not need to carry out one experiment, can configure appropriate dispensing needle.
The most simple selection method of glue needle machine automatic dispensing, dispensing valve is according to the size of the selection, which can exclude categories of needles, needles left is suitable for dispensing valve glue outlet of the needle, and then according to the appropriate point precision dispensing glue needle, to exclude a part. Then according to the use of glue are excluded, the best left is the most suitable automatic glue dispensing needle machine use.
There are also some special dispensing needles in the market, which can only be applied to one industry or dispensing machine, for example, anaerobic glue, only use anaerobic glue dispensing valve and special dispensing needle, otherwise the effect of glue is very poor. The use of stainless steel needles is best after the manufacturers of experiment, so you can know the dispensing effect how, according to the effect of needles, needles is not the most appropriate, according to the theory, but after the experiment, so that the dispensing needle is the most suitable.
Stainless steel needles is used, although the dispensing quality of stainless steel needles is very good, but not all of the automatic dispensing machine can use needles suitable to need to cooperate with the use of glue, so it is the most appropriate choice, otherwise there is no dispensing needle head so the effect for enterprise production.
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