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Stainless steel needle for automatic glue dispenser

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Automatic dispensing machine of stainless steel needle use more general can use the glue dispensing needle, needle for stainless steel has good anticorrosion performance, will not easily appear bending phenomenon, the price also does not need too much, several stainless steel needle can use for a long time, only pay attention to a stainless steel needle clogging problem, basic do not have other problems.
Stainless steel needle making use of the material is 304 stainless steel, has very high performance, and good hardness, automatic dispensing machine experimental stainless steel needle also has a good effect, now a lot of dispensing machine use stainless steel needle, for example: high speed dispensing machine, precision dispensing machine, LED automatic dispensing machine etc. in the basic, glue dispensing industry applications are using stainless steel needles.
Not only is the dispenser application, it can be used in the industry is very much, such as the electronics industry, the mobile phone industry, digital industry and so on, these industries will be able to use a stainless steel needle, many people may think production process of stainless steel needle is very simple, for high precision industry, manufacturing process is generally unable to meet the production demand, need to use stainless steel needles after Seiko secret agents, dispensing needles as such to the market.
Stainless steel needle market is small, the price is higher, because of the small stainless steel needle manufacturing process is very prone to damage, as long as you discard a fulcrum of glue dispensing needle needle, so the price will be small size needles expensive, but the choice of such a dispensing needle is worth it.
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