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How to solve the common problems of the needles in the glue

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Dispensing needles on the normal use of the dispensing needles has certain effect of high accuracy can enhance the bonding effect and the quality of the glue dispensing machine, needle dispensing supplies is an important work, most belongs to a disposable dispensing needle, in the dispensing process to solve the problem of dispensing needles, first cited some of the common problems and then through the dispensing needle, the user response to the reference method to solve these problems.
Dispensing needle plug belongs to the common problems in the work of the dispensing, dispensing needles of the precision glue diameter is small, the viscosity of the glue under high mobility dispensing glue is very poor, and the glue outlet is too small to a glue to solidify blockage in the flow process, dispensing needle is not completely blocked avoid, through the correct processing method can effectively reduce the blocking glue frequency can be heated to reduce the viscosity of glue, also can use specifications needles larger, the flow speed of glue has been improved.
The glue dispensing drawing is always not open around the problem of poor glue, glue in the dispensing process is still in the latter part of the adhesive dispensing needles, began to pull back when the glue drawing problem, if the glue drawing occurs during normal operation, in addition to affect the bonding effect of external to a certain extent also affect the dispensing products the appearance, reduce the viscosity of the glue is the most direct and effective way, of course, can be programmed to control efforts to strengthen the pull back glue, instant glue dispensing glue to avoid breaking drawing problems.
How to have high quality adhesive effect in the actual production process? Users should choose dispensing accessories according to actual work needs. If applied to special dispensing, it is better to choose targeted dispensing needles.
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