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How do the needles of the glue dispenser match? How does the

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As the glue dispensing machine control equipment, precise control effect on the glue dispensing, in operation, the glue will be pushed to the need through the needle dispensing position, thus dispensing needle selection is directly related to the quality of dispensing. In the dispensing process will encounter glue flow rate is too slow phenomenon, seriously restricting the production efficiency they also sometimes encounter problems. Such as uneven glue dispensing, large quantities of small needle clogging phenomenon, the more serious problem will be made, the technician has conducted some research and analysis concluded that these phenomena are related to the choice of needle point glue, so the automatic dispensing needle collocation method and how to the production efficiency is qualified to play a decisive role.
At present, various types of needles on the market a variety of dispensing, such as: stainless steel needle, plastic needle, multi precision dispensing needle, Teflon needle of various types, each needle has its own advantages, only a reasonable choice to achieve best effect of dispensing.
Generally choose to follow the following principles: needle needle point, small size, the use of air pressure is small; short time points: large needle, strong pressure; long time glue viscous strong: inclined needle, pressure is also strong; reduce the viscosity of the glue according to the set time: small needle, small pressure. According to the need to set the time.
In the dispensing operation, needle selection is usually done by small arrive, dispensing speed from fast to slow, the pressure regulating by. In the automatic dispensing machine for dispensing needle, remember reference reference origin, the original reference point of needle alignment can be needle.
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