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The principle and common problems of precision dispensing va

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At present, the common precise dispensing valves can be roughly divided into two kinds: electric and pneumatic two kinds. Because the operation principles of the two dispensing valves are different, the following is a brief introduction to the principle and common problems of the precise dispensing valve by the middle technology Xiaobian.
Electric precision dispensing valve working principle: the valve includes a pump body and a driving part two, along with the stator, the installation is very easy, mainly adopts the stator and rotor structure design, good sealing performance, the rotor and the stator side of self sealing structure, easy to replace, the rotor in the stator cavity of the directional rotation effect. Complete the transfer function of the glue, glue has no effect on the transport process, and the use of motor reversal, can be completed on the glue suction function, to ensure the quality of products and glue.
The working principle of pneumatic valve: glue glue into the pressure barrel, the use of compressed air pressure into the bucket, then glue can be pushed and the cylinder feeding tube connected to suction. Precision dispensing valve: solenoid valve for a piston driven signal, so the precision high viscosity dispensing valve is pushed downwards. After the glue material is extruded from the needle at the cylinder.
In fact, in the dispensing process regardless of the kind of dispensing valve will appear some problems, but as long as the operator always pay attention to these problems, we can avoid or reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon. The problem of precision dispensing valve common are: glue, glue flow rate is too slow in memory bubbles, high viscosity glue in the valve or joints. Is the pipeline blockage, the four problems of uneven glue, these four problems are prone to the problem of precision dispensing valve dispensing operation.
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