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The function of the calibrating device for needling needles

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At present, many enterprises will use glue dispenser to complete the production of adhesive products, such as electronics industry, auto parts industry, household appliance industry, LED lighting industry, integrated circuit industry and many other large and small industries. Of course, the expansion of applications brought rapid increase in equipment sales, but often there are things, as well as the glue dispensing machine, control equipment, in the dispensing process, glue dispensing machine is usually the needle is squeezed out, it can be seen that the needle is critical for precision dispensing in particular, the needle calibration adjustment, an important role for the quality of the dispensing.
Such as the development of the industry has been quite perfect dispensing needle, needle needle type dispensing on the market is everywhere, such as a superb collection of beautiful things: a wide variety of stainless steel, plastic needle, needle, needle, needle, manual PP Teflon needle. But no matter what kind of needle, needle size specifications and how different, in dispensing before the operation, must be calibrated debugging of needles, so how to calibrate?
Dispensing needle calibration device is designed to calibrate the debugging tools to complete the dispensing needle, this tool is usually in the dispensing operation before the calibration of the needle, the glue dispensing process can be more accurate to reach the designated position, can play on the glue point accurate needle to achieve Z calibration features.
Dispensing needle calibration device as a common tool in dispensing operation or dispensing equipment debugging, plays a role in self-evident, at the same time, it can not be ignored, it can promote dispensing efficiency and dispensing quality to enhance the grade.
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