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How long can the needles be used in general

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In recent years, dispensing machine is more and more applied in the industrial production of the product bonding, broaden the scope of application of rapid dispensing machine, is the first to bring market sales soared rapidly, this is no denying the fact, thus led to the use of dispensing accessories; but it usually has two sides the dispensing industry can not avoid. Especially the dispensing needle problem is more common in the dispensing process. Then using the dispensing machine manufacturers using to avoid or reduce the incidence of this problem?
As an important part of dispenser, the function of needle is very important. During the dispensing process, glue will flow through the needle and reach the designated glue point. The needle will play a key role in guiding and controlling the glue output.
Although the dispensing needle plays a very important role in the dispensing process, but due to the current needle production techniques cannot achieve the ideal standard, therefore in the dispensing operation needle also appeared many disadvantages. By dispensing needle industry called dispensing supplies, is called supplies, because of the dispensing process. Often due to the rapid solidifying glue caused by needle clogging, so many needles are disposable. Then a dispensing needle can be used for how long?
The needle with the continuous improvement of production technology, in recent years there have been many fine needles, which mainly stainless steel needle is most obvious, the stainless steel needle with compression, earthquake resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature, flow rate and other functions to improve the glue dispensing machine, greatly enhance the service life of the needle.
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