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Solution to the plugging of the needle in the glue dispenser

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I often see people search "dispensing needle blocking how to do this kind of dispensing needles in the online issue, in fact, already wanted to tell the user of this kind of problem solution, just recently busy, no time today, just take a little time to think of this kind of user then the following problems. I share the blocking solution dispensing needle!
Usually the cause of congestion is the main type of dispensing needle and the operation mode of the glue caused by the unreasonable, the following is a detailed introduction: in the dispensing operation, the use of low viscosity glue, glue dispensing machine is not easy in curing, it will not cause a needle blocking problem; similarly instead glue, high viscosity, the needle easily cured at room temperature, it often leads to the blockage of the needle.
The solution: first, improve the temperature of glue can be very good to avoid the problem of needle clogging, such as hot melt adhesive is used stainless steel needle, in use, as long as to a certain temperature of glue heating is difficult to occur a needle blocking problem; two, keep the dispensing process of some glue is: special, such as: quick drying glue this kind of glue, in normal state, is very prone to the phenomenon of curing, so in the dispensing operation if interrupted, it is prone to problems of needle clogging, so keep continuous dispensing can be a good method to avoid clogging the needle.
The above method is suitable for most of the situation, but the type of dispensing production and the production of the product properties are different, the type of glue are also different, so the solutions are different, so it should be in accordance with the actual situation to choose the way to avoid dispensing needle clogging.
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