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Working parameters of stainless steel dispensing valve

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Dispensing machine is necessary for producing glue dispensing, so we must use the appropriate dispensing valve, so we have to read the instruction book of the dispensing valve carefully before using it, so that we can better use and assemble the dispensing valve, and finally finish the dispensing operation. The working parameters of the dispensing valve are very important reference values. It allows us to know more about the name, the size, and the size of the accessories when we choose and buy the glue valves. So let's learn about the ordinary back suction stainless steel precision dispensing valve, what its working parameters are.
Stainless steel dispensing valve
In a standard stainless steel dispensing valve parameter, the first information is its product name. For example, the name of the dispensing valve or all kinds of dispensing accessories will be added with the information of the product's type, type of use and material used for making, so that it can be added to the instructions. The following information is followed by mechanical models, motor names, dynamic size limits, suitable viscosity range, main material, size and so on. These will be explained one by one.
Stainless steel automatic dispensing valve
Of course, some functional structure information, for example: the stainless steel vacuum suction dispensing valve has the effect, also known as the back suction dispensing valve, is explained in the prospectus, but this information is sufficient to allow the buyer to know the specific effects of the dispensing valve.
Stainless steel precision dispensing valve
This information is the most helpful for the operator. This is because operators must know all the information of their dispensing parts, so that they can provide corresponding information to purchasers to find corresponding dispensing valves.
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