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How to avoid the curing of the needles in the dispensing mac

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Fear of failure of the dispensing machine in the production process, once the fault will seriously affect the efficiency and quality of production, resulting in the production can not be completed, so each of which is dispensing application users headache, then dispensing operation done the most, is the most common problem is what?
The needle dispensing needle as curing in the most common problems, has been plagued by the application of user dispensing machine manufacturers, then there is no way to solve what anti solidification dispensing needle? Dispensing needle curing also known as jam dispensing needles, these problems mainly due to the unreasonable operation type and dispensing glue in a certain reason.
Low viscosity glue, curing time is relatively long, so it is not easy to occur the needle curing phenomenon; vice versa, glue viscosity, room temperature, curing speed is relatively fast, the incidence of needle curing is greater. There are usually three main methods to solve this kind of problems: also, improve the temperature of glue can be very good to avoid this kind of problem, such as: hot melt glue dispensing machine equipped with stainless steel needles, dispensing process as long as the heater is heated to a certain temperature, the melt glue, glue is not curing problem. Two, keep the dispensing process: take quick drying glue to give you an example of it, this kind of glue in Chang Wenji to cure, if an interrupt occurs in the dispensing operation, the needle will appear to be cured, so keep persistent dispensing is the only solution to the problem of the best method.
Although the above can solve most of the needle curing the problem, but is not absolute, because the dispensing machine used in the industry is different, the use of glue types are different, so sometimes the methods are invalid, so it should be in accordance with the actual situation to choose the way to avoid dispensing needle curing.
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