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Stainless steel lengthening needles

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In recent years, dispensing equipment is more widely used, more and more industries are used as adhesive dispensing equipment to the production of tools, dispensing equipment can not only improve the efficiency and quality of production, it can reduce the waste of raw materials and reduce the production cost, so this is why industrial production equipment is an important reason for love glue.
With the wide application of dispensing equipment, but also promoted the rapid increase of the market sales, thus dispensing equipment types are constantly increasing, increasing the type of equipment, but also to enhance the application of the continuous improvement of equipment accessories. Needles are the most notable examples, as an important point in the rubber equipment accessories, played by the role is self-evident, in the dispensing process, glue is through the needle out of reach the designated position of the dispensing needle, thus plays an important role to control the drainage and glue precision.
Now people on the industrial product requirements are also increasing, this is also the production technology put forward higher requirements. But in the industrial production, sometimes encountered for internal product dispensing, but because the product within the larger space of ordinary stainless steel needles can not reach the specified location. So the stainless steel needles appeared lengthened stainless steel needles. As the name suggests is extended to increase the length of the needle on the needle tube based on ordinary stainless steel needles, stainless steel needle length is usually 2 cm below normal, but the needle 15 cm or longer.
The appearance of stainless steel lengthening dispensing needle brings convenience for the operation of ordinary needles which cannot be finished in dispensing production, so that the production efficiency and the quality of dispensing are improved faster.
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