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Is the price of a lengthened needle expensive?

writer:xiaoliu time:2018-01-12 09:31 clicks:
Although years of domestic production industry in order to obtain the dispensing equipment greatly improved, but if it is compared with the foreign advanced production conditions, there is still a big gap, in particular: the market management confusion, the scope of production and dispersion of various factors such as poor production management system. The dispensing needle industry is serious dispensing equipment mostly used for this one, this industry and other accessories industry while compared dispensing range is relatively small, but its utilization rate is still relatively high, but the market management is more complex, the market is not a specification system, the price is the same. If a user needs to buy a long glue needle, you don't know how to get down.
To understand a product market price, usually people from the product brand, function, performance, and customer service service to determine, but the industry needles than other industries is more special, usually the dispensing needle of this product is a one-time use, it is also known as the name of dispensing supplies, so it can be seen that the dispensing needle industry customer service service is relatively small.
Then after the after-sale service, only the brand, the role and performance. The brand, at present the dispensing needle industry are not professional manufacturers, is usually a dispensing equipment manufacturer with the production of some of it; role is to control the glue; performance: compared with ordinary dispensing needle, the needle is longer than ordinary upgrade, the needle is longer, so spent in the manufacturing process time is more.
From the above, we can also see that the elongated needle is an improved version of the common needle. Due to the special needs of production, the lengthened needle is more expensive than the ordinary needle.
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