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There are long needles in the Dongguan area

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Dongguan area as a city close to Shenzhen, as the country's top gongyeqiangshi, although relatively Shenzhen is unmatched, but as a national electronic industry's most developed city neighborhood, monasteries, production and development in the electronics industry has also been widely support in Shenzhen. As the popular dispensing equipment industry in recent years, not only in the rapid development of Shenzhen, has also been a rapid development in the Dongguan area, many dispensing equipment manufacturers have settled in Dongguan.
Although the development of dispensing equipment industry in Dongguan area is initially built, but in the production of dispensing equipment and accessories, compared with Shenzhen, it is still lagging behind. I often see such a search online: "there are lengthened needles".
Of course belongs to the special extended dispensing needle needle, the needle in the industrial production is also rarely used, usually ordinary needle length is 5 cm below, taking into account the general scope of use in needle dispensing equipment is relatively wide, and the market price of ordinary dispensing needle head relative to the elongated needle head is relatively price a little cheaper, so the needle manufacturers are in the production of ordinary needle, unless it is a special custom, otherwise, the elongated needle head is hard to see in the market, even in the dispensing equipment production industry is most developed areas in Shenzhen.
So if the user is because of the special production needs to be applied to the elongated needle head, may need to find common needle manufacturers customized in the Dongguan area to buy, in the business automation company is specialized in the production of various types of customized and dispensing equipment and accessories manufacturer, and the company is located in the Dongguan area.
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