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How to make the needles without glue after finishing the glu

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The dispensing needle as a dispensing accessories common dispensing equipment, the glue to glue drainage to the specified location and precision control. Don't look in the whole volume dispensing needle dispensing equipment is minimal, but it has the effect of any accessories can not finish. Because of the above the reason, although the dispensing needle is called dispensing supplies in industrial production, why is called supplies, because the needles in the dispensing process often plug, wire drawing, tailing and other issues, so most of the needles in industrial production are disposable.
Although the dispensing needle has many disadvantages in the dispensing process but xiabuyanyu, the needles to play in the dispensing process or the role of over all problems. This is why the injection of glue needles is so costly in the process of production that the manufacturers are still convinced that they are not moving.
Only the dispensing needle way to avoid or reduce the problem, not really solved completely. So if there is in the dispensing process with glue dispensing needle should be how to avoid? To needles without glue, a good way to reduce the viscosity of the glue is the first to solve this kind of problem. Because in the dispensing process. Glue viscosity, adhesion is strong, so after dispensing needles, begins to move, because the glue has not started curing, the needle moves will bring out a glue, this problem has seriously affected the dispensing efficiency and product aesthetic effect.
So the best way to avoid this kind of problem is to make the needles finish without glue and reduce the viscosity of the glue.
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