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That type of glue needle is the most standard

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Automatic dispensing machine using a dispensing needle is according to the use of the appropriateness of the standard, or according to the models of the size of the standard, although each industry will have a standard, but the dispensing needle with the general industry standards are not the same, each dispensing needles are selected according to the self adhesive dispensing needle point machine the glue, which is beneficial to the dispensing.
Not choose to use needles, but through the use of industry or the use of equipment, so the standard is difficult to set the same, can in fact be according to all standards, the use of different types of industries such as: extended dispensing needle for large flow valve or glue dispensing industry, such as the industry standard. One of the more commonly used glue needles as a standard, there is no special requirement of the glue standard.
The use of needles in different places are different, can not put a dispensing needle made of standard, which can only become an industry standard, so it can well distinguish the various dispensing needle use, also can understand the needles used in place, it is also convenient for customers to choose the dispensing needle, not by these brightly coloured the dispensing needle was not able to choose the appropriate dispensing needle, this violates the manufacturers of dispensing needle point.
The standard dispensing needle are made, and are based on industry standards, different needles also have their own standards, although some needles can be applied to many industries, but these are not the dispensing needle industry standards, like the extended dispensing needle dispensing needle is reasonable, extended standard flow double liquid dispensing valve used, but not precision dispensing machine needles standard, two is a different matter.
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