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The pin diameter of that kind of glue is most suitable for p

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Dispensing the use of needles is about comparison, can not be used indiscriminately dispensing needles for production, or dispensing good can complete dispensing of simple tasks, any dispensing needle use all will affect the dispensing work dispensing machine, or the market will not have these types of needles. The dispensing needle of different types may have some effect almost, but many are not the same.
Although the use of extended dispensing needle industry is relatively small, but this is also a dispensing needle application in the industry, according to industry demand for the production of the dispensing needle, each dispensing needle is the trail there are points of the size, in order to meet the different concentration of glue used, choose a suitable diameter improved dispensing needles effect of dispensing.
How much is the dispensing needle diameter diameter is the most appropriate production, glue point 1/2, this is the most suitable for dispensing task, different dispensing machine can use what choose suitable glue dispensing needle, needles with inside half of the difference, can reduce the glue, add a variety of security for the dispensing process. This is good for rubber industry.
Long needles is the same, the diameter should not exceed the size of the rubber, otherwise it is easy to cause the dispensing errors, glue point is too large will affect the appearance of glue dispensing machine, cannot use what are the same, the need for dispensing according to this method, if the glue concentration is too high, can choose a dispensing needle number, here can improve the liquidity of glue.
At present, the required diameter of the needles is used in this way, and the effect is much better than that of the other needles.
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