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How to locate the needle of the glue dispenser?

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Dispensing needle positioning need relatively high technology, otherwise unable to complete the dispensing needle positioning, positioning is also equivalent to a dispensing position, dispensing machine has a different location in different ways, but different dispensing machine positioning precision and accuracy is very different, how to help complete dispensing dispensing needle positioning?
The different way of dispensing needle positioning machine is different, for example: desktop type automatic dispensing machine, is a handheld controller to control the three axis dispenser, dispensing mode which is point to point one by one according to the need of imitation glue point, record glue point drive point glue machine, will be able to in the product a plastic dispensing and automatic dispensing point.
Desktop automatic dispensing machine is positioned so complete dispensing needle for dispensing, positioning is not like that in a large automatic dispensing machine, glue machine has large single chip, can transport all kinds of dispensing parameters need, the stop point of dispensing, dispensing machine using different are different the positioning, positioning method of manual glue dispensing needle is different.
The dispensing machine all can be divided into three categories, desktop dispensing machine, large dispensing machine, manual dispensing machine, the three models will use large dispensing needles, three different dispensing needles used are positioned in different ways, according to the three different dispensing mode, the price difference the large, the price of the most expensive mobile phone dispenser, dispensing the lowest price, and the dispensing process there is no large automaton, dispensing needles using different models, also need to pay attention to the problem of dispenser.
It is difficult to locate the needle with the elongated glue needle, although the price of the lengthening needle is more reasonable, but the effect is good without the short glue needle.
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