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How can a long needle be purchased?

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Often see on the Internet: "long needle purchase" and "where to sell this kind of elongated needle head" for the elongated needle head questions, this also shows that some users are in urgent need of application of dispensing equipment used to lengthen the needle, but no door, can not find the special needles.
In fact, said the starting point should all glue needle, have a certain understanding, this is used in the dispensing parts of glue dispensing equipment to drain into the position and specifying the control volume of the plastic tool. This is a special accessories as well as the name "dispensing supplies", is called dispensing supplies, because this often happens in the accessories, the dispensing process for example: blocking, drawing, tailing and other issues, so most needles are disposable, this is why the reason is called dispensing supplies.
Based on the above reason, dispensing needles price is also cheaper, and the needle is everywhere, in the ordinary grocery store or hardware store are available. Although the elongated needle head also belongs to the dispensing needle, which is formed by ordinary dispensing needle improved, but this kind of needle belongs to a less in demand in industrial production, so in the ordinary hardware stores and grocery stores can not find it. So excusable sure some people will ask: this kind of needle cannot buy myself, that is not to say, this kind of needle can be customized production through production, so the effect is everywhere in the market than required find a good buy.
Here we also recommend "automatic system" for the users. It is a manufacturer that mainly manufactures and professionally customizes all kinds of precision dispensing equipment and application accessories.
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