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Do stainless steel pressure barrels can explode if they are

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For the first time to use the dispensing novice, when in use must be carefully view the built-in dispensing machine instructions, or improper operation will appear many negative phenomena, sometimes this phenomenon will not only damage the dispensing accessories, will hurt the operator, can not only affect the dispensing efficiency so simple. So we must be careful when we operate the glue dispenser and the glue accessories.
Stainless steel pressure bucket
That's the problem. When we do glue dispensing on pneumatic dispensing machine, will there be any explosion if the pneumatic stainless steel pressure pail is incorrect? How do the stainless steel pressure barrels use in normal conditions?
Stainless steel mixing pressure bucket
We are down to operate normally dispenser for dispensing operation, operation method of pressure barrel is very simple, first of all is the first to glue barrel pressure, pressure to adjust the size of the glue inside through the internal pressure regulating valve, and then through the exhaust valve to eliminate excess gas pressure is kept constant by then let glue dispensing valve, will glue from the safety valve discharge pressure, so as to realize the precision dispensing glue machine.
Stainless steel automatic pressure bucket
If it is not the above operation or the internal leakage valve and the safety valve damage, can there be too much pressure in the pressure barrel to explode? This is not an explosion in the general case, the reason is a pneumatic pressure barrel is made of stainless steel, stainless steel is not an explosion intensity in the general case, because its compressive strength is relatively strong in metal, unless the quality problem, in most cases is not the explosion. Of course, it does not rule out the accident if it exceeds the pressure of the stainless steel.
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