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What are the medical uses of the lengthened needles?

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Speaking of the syringe often used in medical treatment, I believe everyone is familiar with it, even there are many people of fear. In fact, it is through the improvement of medical needle dispensing needle and needle than just medical needles are rough, only a little. But with the rapid increase of industrial production technology, medical the industry also need to use longer needles, lengthen medical use needles are those? Medical needles and needles and lengthen those differences? Here by system automation.
General medical syringe needle often used to a dispensing needle is more precise, because it is to use this kind of injection, the needle can be divided into three types: the first one: subcutaneous injection, the needle length is short, generally in the 4.5 mm ~5 mm; second is intramuscular injection, the needle is a needle to a little longer, probably between 5.5 mm ~6 mm; the third is the use of intravenous injection and blood sampling, this type of needle than in front of two kinds of needle are longer, of course, higher capacity, length of 6.5~7 mm.
With elongated needle head used in medical, then talk about the use of dispensing equipment in dispensing elongated needle head, medical needle dispensing needle than to the production process to be rough, but also need not interfere with this needle in the industrial production, dispensing needles in the dispensing process mainly to glue to drainage the quantity of cement the role of specified location and precise control.
From above, we can know the difference between the medical needle use and the needle used in the industrial production dispensing equipment. But these two needles have something in common, they all belong to the large needle type, and they play an important role in their respective industries.
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