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What is the role of the needles in the dispensing valve

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Application of dispensing needle or can help solve many problems of the dispenser dispensing, dispensing valve now most of the need to use needles, no glue dispensing needle, the effect immediately decreased, which is an important performance of the dispensing needle in the dispensing valve in the same type of needles, can also play a different effect.
The dispensing valve production technology at present, still need to use needles, which is one of the indispensable thing, may in the near future can no longer use needles, but still need to solve the problem of the dispensing valve needle dispensing, dispensing needles need to understand the role of the general use of what the glue dispensing valve, it can choose the most suitable for dispensing needles, to provide some help for the production.
The role of dispensing needles in the dispensing valve is able to improve the efficiency of dispensing, why the glue point can reach 0.01ml accuracy, with needles is have a great relationship, manufacturing process of dispensing needle is very high, the more fine needles, the manufacturing process is more difficult, the price will be expensive.
The dispensing valve has good effect, non credit dispensing needle can not be wiped, using the dispensing needle effect is very good, different applications to different dispensing needle dispensing valve, will produce different effect of dispensing, dispensing needles used in each developed, it is best to do some experiments, so we can understand the effect of a dispensing needle.
The dispensing needle is applied in the dispensing valve in the industry. According to the feedback from customers, the effect is very good. These are all real data waiting in the experiment. Now the dispensing valve is still equipped with dispensing needles, but choosing dispensing needles also needs a method.
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