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The size of the glue needle is best used

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Dispensing industry has many different functions of dispensing needles, mainly applied to all kinds of high demand dispensing work. High demand users usually choose stainless steel dispensing needles as dispensing accessories, and all kinds of sizes need to be chosen according to the actual situation.
Dispensing needle line specifications have a uniform standard, dispensing needles of different specifications can meet the actual needs of users, most of the specifications of the needles in the range of 14G-34G, the larger the number represents more fine needles, users can choose certain specifications of needles on the basis of the following criteria.
1. fine route glue is selected with small glue needle, and the glue is controlled by low pressure.
2. in a short time, large area coating is used for large spot glue needles, and high pressure is used to control glue.
3. high viscosity glue to use the inclined glue needle, high pressure control glue out of glue.
4. use low viscosity glue at limited time to use small glue needle, low pressure glue glue.
In the dispensing, dispensing needles finer represents the glue more slowly, mainly used in high precision production, such as chip dispensing package, large dispensing needle glue and glue very fast, glue coating is mainly used in large area, such as furniture coating adhesive links. The bayonet dispensing needle can be selected as stable glue accessories, two bayonet bayonet needle tip can be stably fixed uniform and efficient glue dispensing valve in the low-end, the gluing fluency has been improved.
The working parameters of the glue should be adjusted, such as the pressure value and the speed of the glue. These are the potential factors that affect the working life of the needles.
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