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How to select the specifications of the needles

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The dispensing needle is an important accessory dispensing, dispensing needles can be carried out through fine uniform glue, a variety of the needles in the industry, such as amber needles using UV glue dispensing, brush needle does not hurt the practical, durable stainless steel needles, needles of different specifications determines the industry application how to choose the scope of dispensing needles specifications in order to meet the production industry?
First look at the dispensing needle selection is not correct what impact, through the glue dispensing needle flow to the coating to reach above the drip dispensing, dispensing with the quality and effect of dispensing needle selecting specifications are closely related, have glue too slow lead to low efficiency because most used needle is too small, and the quantity of cement caused by excessive demand the internal plug, when the glue inside the long block not in time to corrosion.
The selection of the needles should be selected according to the actual work situation.
The 1. irregular small path point glue selects the small glue needle head, the low pressure controls the glue to flow the glue.
2. in a short time, large area coating is used for large spot glue needle, and the glue is controlled by high pressure.
3. high viscosity glue to use the inclined glue needle, high pressure control glue flow spot glue.
4. use low viscosity glue at limited time to use small glue needle, low pressure glue glue.
In addition to the selection of needles in accordance with specifications, according to the actual work with different needles is particularly important, in order to improve the working life of needles, normal after dispensing operator should remove residual glue dispensing needle surface, in order to enhance the service life of dispensing needle head.
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