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What is the difference between the LED pinhead specification

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The work of production and dispensing technology of the lighting industry is inseparable, bonding, LED ball lamp and lamp substrate dispensing, lighting chip packaging are required to complete the application of dispensing machine, LED dispensing needles specifications and ordinary needle specifications are different in different specifications, dispensing needles will determine the scope of work.
The use of LED adhesive dispensing needle tube and tube plate and needle specifications are the same, if the bulb requires dispensing needles of different bulb, fragile materials, the best selection of flexible needles or brush needle can well avoid scratching problems, ordinary dispensing needle specifications large, in the range of 14G-34G, and flexible dispensing needles specifications at around 14G-25G, which is in order to fully coated glue dispensing needle selection of large.
In the LED chip packaging work, high precision is required to complete the work package dispensing needle chip, chip package can use high precision dispensing needles as accessories, high precision dispensing needle with high precision, uniform glue and high performance excellent performance, through the uniform glue model will effectively chip fixed on the PCB circuit board. To improve the effect of dispensing and dispensing machine service life, avoid the problem of drawing common dispensing work, is a practical and efficient dispensing needle. High precision dispensing needles specifications in 18G-34G between the glue outlet of more fine precision, can complete all kinds of seam filling glue, if need large quantities of glue may be inappropriate.
If users need high precision dispensing, it is best to select dispensing needles with high specifications, which play an important role in the production of SMT, LED and electronic components.
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