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Will the size of the needles size affect the quality of the

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The dispensing machine is dispensing valve end load and unload the needles, needles of high accuracy can be performed uniformly high quality and correct the glue dispensing needle, specifications related to the size and the actual application, choose the correct specifications will affect the dispensing quality and dispensing efficiency, in order to work can be applied to the production of the best choice of dispensing needle applicable specifications.
Most of the specifications of needles between 14G-34G, production of electronic components requires high accuracy in addition to guarantee dispensing, dispensing work effect, selection of dispensing needle is also a key part of stainless steel needles has the advantages of long service life and wide applicable range, is suitable for most of the dispensing needles, if need high precision the best choice of stainless steel glue dispensing needle 25G, specifications with higher numbers thinner glue dispensing needle is more uniform, the production work for small products, such as electronic components such as chip packaging, sealing glue.
Large dispensing needle is mainly applied to the use of glue demand high work, is the main type of adhesive coated furniture crafts, if using thin needles will affect the work efficiency, the selection of large needles can meet the high demand of dispensing work, meet the large area coating products.
Needle selection specifications will affect the dispensing quality, actually choose the type of dispensing needle will also affect the dispensing quality, if it is necessary to choose a specific use of glue dispensing needle different, such as for instant dry Teflon adhesive dispensing needle, amber needles for UV glue dispensing, high precision dispensing needle precision production line the dispensing needle or bayonet fixed effects, these are important potential factors affecting the dispensing quality.
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