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What is the normal pressure of the stainless steel pressure

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Dispenser operators must have a certain understanding of their own dispensing equipment accessories, regardless of its structure is complex, we must have a preliminary understanding and understanding, so that operators can not often make mistakes when operating dispensers.
Pneumatic stainless steel pressure bucket
If we need to use the gas moving point glue machine, the internal parts of the equipment, the operator should certainly have a deep understanding. The pneumatic stainless steel pressure barrel is an important part of the glue dispenser, and the components in it should also be remembered.
Electric stainless steel pressure bucket
Usually we see the pneumatic stainless steel pressure bucket, which is composed of a pneumatic motor, a pneumatic controller, a safety valve, an exhaust valve, a discharge valve, an inner cylinder and a movable gear. They divide and cooperate with each other. From the view of structure is more complex, it is relatively simple to use, is the first to glue barrel pressure, pressure to adjust the size of the pressure inside the glue barrels of internal pressure regulating valve, exhaust valve to eliminate excess gas, let the pressure remains constant after then through a rubber valve, will dispensing glue from the safety valve discharge pressure, so as to realize the precision dispensing glue machine.
Stainless steel automatic pressure bucket
So this kind of pneumatic stainless steel pressure barrel pressure control range, how much to control at ordinary times? This depends on the size of the pressure barrel itself. The existing pressure barrels are all produced in accordance with the standard specifications, so as to save pressure manufacturers' manufacturing costs, and also increase the production efficiency of the manufacturing products, and the scale can be large enough to even achieve the production line production. The size and size of the pressure bucket from small to large in turn are 3l, 4L, 6L, 11L, 20L, 28L and so on.
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