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What is the glue cleaning method for stainless steel needles

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There are many dispensing equipment on accessories such as: accessories, dispensing syringe dispensing valve, step motor, motor shaft, rail and many other component, in so many accessories, dispensing needles is the smallest volume, and because of relatively low prices, so this is also an important reason for the majority of users ignore the role of the.
But in fact, this idea of the user is wrong, dispensing needles volume is small, but the play in the dispensing process of the role is often can not be ignored and replaced, dispensing needles as a function of the small accessories dispensing equipment in the dispensing process of glue to the drainage to the specified location and precision control of cement volume. At present, most of the dispensing equipments are stainless steel dispensing needles, and there are many kinds of bayonet dispensing needles, plastic dispensing needles, manual dispensing needles, etc.
Although the dispensing needle production technology has already developed a good, but there are still many problems in the process of using a needle plug, wire drawing, tailing is the parts often occurs in the problems in use. Especially in the dispensing needle after dispensing, began to move, will bring out a glue this problem, not only restrict the production efficiency of the slow, even will affect the appearance of products.
So what are the glue dispensing needle cleaning method? First reduce the glue viscous is the best way to solve this kind of problems, in the dispensing process, the use of glue viscosity is too strong, the needle to the product dispensing, the glue is not completely cured, so the needles in the upward, with a portion of glue followed.
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