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Solution to the blocking of the glue needles in the operatio

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A small accessories dispensing needle as dispensing equipment used in small parts, refers to the small size of the accessories, but the play in the dispensing process of the role is irreplaceable, so this is why needles in the dispensing process there are many problems still can by application users all kinds of dispensing equipment concerned.
The dispensing needle production technology is more exquisite, appear on the market the dispensing needle type is dazzling. Such as: sticking needles, plastic needles, hand glue needles, stainless steel needles and so on.
As the glue dispensing needle drainage to the specified location and size precision control of glue dispensing equipment in the dispensing process, although the role of dispensing needles in the dispensing process can not be replaced, but it can not cover up the dispensing needle supplies "known"! For example: blocked, dispensing needles the needle drawing, tailing and other problems. In particular, glue needles are often blocked in the process of glue. So how do you solve this problem? The reason why the dispensing needle is blocked is mainly related to the type of glue and the operation of dispensing. It is difficult to solidify the glue because of its low viscosity. Therefore, it is difficult for the needle to be blocked. The sticky height is high, and the corresponding needle is soon blocked.
The way to solve this problem is to increase temperature and avoid needle blockage. Let's take an example: hot melt glue dispensers use stainless steel dispensing needles and glue as long as the heater is heated to a certain temperature, so it is difficult for the dispensing needle to be blocked.
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