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How to correctly select the specifications of the dispensing

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Dispensing needles are known as "dispensing consumables" in industrial production. They are called consumables, because most of the dispensing needles are disposable. During dispensing, dispensing needles often occur clogging, drawing and tailing. All these problems can not be completely solved. It is a good way to reduce it by a certain way or to choose a new needling needle. So how do the dispensing equipment correctly select the specifications of the glue needles?
Speaking of dispensing industry, it will make people think of Shenzhen area, because Shenzhen is the most developed dispensing equipment production base in China, and Shenzhen dispensing needles manufacturers are the most in other areas. The syringe needles produced by the manufacturers here are a higher grade than the rest of the country, both in quality and in kinds.
The method usually selects needles specifications will follow the guidelines: small, low pressure will choose small needles; need the points in a short period of time, you need to choose a relatively large pressure and a large needle; need dispensing time longer, and the glue viscosity is high, the pressure is relatively large, requiring the use of cable the needle type; according to the set time, the glue is low viscosity, and the pressure is relatively low, then need to use a small needle, in accordance with the needs of the time setting.
The above selection methods for dispensing needles generally use various kinds of glue. If you start learning glue dispensing, you must adjust slowly. The sizes of needles can be analogous from small to large, the dispensing speed is fast to slow, and the air pressure starts from small to large.
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