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How to choose the pinhead

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The dispensing needle selection is tricky, because with the dispensing needle dispensing machine, are based on the use of glue, glue, precision size, glue viscosity and so on, so the choice of dispensing needles need to care about a lot of factors, not just needles can choose to use, or not good for dispensing effect and select the appropriate dispensing needle can make dispensing the multiplier effect.
Many on the market, such as: double thread needle type dispensing needles, stainless steel needles, disposable needles, precision dispensing needle, Teflon needles and so on, every kind of each kind of needles, all have their own characteristics, the application of glue are not the same, such as double thread needles can use UV Gel and silica gel. If the use of disposable needles is not suitable for production, which is far less than the effect of dispensing dispensing industry requirements, the product will be returned by the quality problem.
There are still many ways to choose dispensing needles. According to these industries, the selection of dispensing needles can play a very large role, and the process may be more troublesome. For the purpose of dispensing, and for the brand of enterprises, there are more troubles than bearable ones. In fact, the selection of dispensing needles can be consulted to the dispensing machine manufacturers, so that they can quickly solve the dispensing needles needed for dispensing machines, and can also prepare more for people, according to the difference of dispensing machines.
At present many needles have a corresponding dispensing needle dispensing industry, manufacturers are also analyzed and sorted out after application of these basic industries, the needles were classified, to allow customers to better select the appropriate dispensing needle, or is in the dispensing needle manufacturers custom fit, so that enterprises use according to the dispensing.
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