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Attention to the daily operation of the needles

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The glue needle can also be called the syringe syringe, which is a kind of point glue accessories in the glue dispenser. There are many types of needles, each kind of different specifications of the dispensing needle size is different, the user needs to choose to use according to the use of glue viscosity and product dispensing requirements in the choice of dispensing needles, avoid dispensing needles in the dispensing process in the blocking phenomenon, affect the dispensing work. In addition to the selection, do you need to pay attention to the needles when operating the needles?
1, as I said before, dispensing needles should be selected according to the dispensing requirements and the glue used. It can avoid the phenomenon of glue solidification, stop the dispensing needles, and affect the production of products.
2, there are many types of needles, such as stainless steel needles, double thread needles, PP flexible needles, scope, used these needles to glue requirements, apply glue are different, so it is best to use these needles before they use, convenient choice. The color and type of the needles are more and more, and the users can choose the color according to their favorite color.
3, some staff are debugging the distance between dispensing needles and products, it is easy to adjust the distance between them too wide or too narrow, which will lead to the quality of some products, and will also damage the dispensing needles, affecting the accuracy of stores. If the needle is damaged, it is best to replace it in time to avoid excessive glue and influence the quality of the glue.
The above three are the matters needing attention in the operation of the needles. Notice that these can avoid the effect in the use of the needles. After use, it can be cleaned for the needles. It is convenient for the next use.
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