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A solution to the clogging of the hair in the operation of t

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The syringe needle can also be called the glue syringe, which is one of the parts of the glue. The general syringe needles are used in one time, the main reason is that the plugging phenomenon is easy to appear during the glue dispensing, which affects the work of the glue. So are there any ways to solve the blockage of the needles?
The dispensing needle causes blockage phenomenon are: the viscosity of the glue dispensing needle is too long, strong, easy to make the glue solidified in the use process, also will have some impact on the dispensing work; pipes, dispensing needles and other cleaning is not clean, the replacement of the rubber water and residual glue may contact chemical reaction will occur, coagulation phenomenon, are prone to clogging when dispensing dispensing needles, also will have some impact on the production quality of products.
After understanding the reasons for the blockage of the needles, the next use of attention to these can reduce the occurrence of blockage. When there is a blockage, for some special needle: stainless steel needles, high precision dispensing needle, the heater can be used to melt into liquid glue; clogging phenomenon for double thread needles, PP flexible dispensing needles, can stop the dispensing work, replacing the dispensing needle to avoid the needle clogging effect, dispensing work etc..
These are the reasons for the blockage of the needles and the solution of the blockage of the needles. In addition, after using dispenser equipment or replace glue dispensing machine, pipe to the best dispensing needle are clean, avoid replacing glue and glue contact residual chemical reaction, coagulation phenomenon, so also understand the dispensing needle cleaning method.
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