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What are the common problems of the needles

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There are a lot of needles on the market, and the size of the inner diameter of the needles of each specification is different. Then the user should choose the use environment and the demand of the glue when choosing the needle of the dispenser. No matter that kind of product. In use, there are always some problems, so what are the common problems of the needles?
When dispensing the dispensing machine, if the location of the product is too close or too far from the dispensing needle, it will not only affect the quality of the product, but also damage the needle of dispensing machine, which will also cause some influence on the accuracy of dispensing. When adjusting the distance between the glue needle and the product, we can try to adjust it slowly. It is known that the dispensing machine can be produced in batch, and the efficiency of the dispensing is high.
Epoxy, wire drawing and other phenomena occur easily in the dispensing process, probably because the wrong choice of needles. There are many kinds of dispensing needles in the market, such as stainless steel dispensing needles, double thread dispensing needles, bayonet dispensing needles, etc. these needles have different ranges of use and inner diameter, and there are differences in the amount of dispensing in dispensing process. Such as: stainless steel dispensing needle is suitable for a wide range; bayonet dispensing needles are more commonly used, the price is also more affordable; double thread dispensing needle base has a circle of thread, dispensing stability is good. When using these needles, it is best to choose their use according to their requirements.
Some glue has higher viscosity and quicker solidification speed. If the air tightness of dispensing machine is too bad or the dispensing needle is too long, it is easy to accelerate the solidification speed of glue, make the glue in the dispensing needle solidify, and affect dispensing work of dispensing machine.
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