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What is the point glue needle for industrial production?

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Dispensing needles are a kind of dispensing machine accessories. Dispensing needles have wide application scope. Dispensing needles will be used in electronic parts, cell phone keypad, LED, semiconductor manufacturing, medicine and other industries. So what are the needles to use in these industries?
The dispensing needle is used for dispensing on the dispensing valve. The distance between the working table of dispensing machine and the dispensing needle can be adjusted accurately, so it can be dispensed in order, dispensing efficiency is high, and it can replace manual operation. However, there are more types of needles, different types of needle specifications and different requirements for glue. And each industry to glue out the glue amount is different, so different industries, products and so on in the choice of glue needles need to spot glue according to the requirements of glue. Avoid the use of needles not to use glue demand, affect the effect of glue.
In the process of industrial production, the dispensing needle will not be clean due to the sealing effect of dispensing machine itself, or the pipe and syringe of dispensing machine. When it changes the glue, it will coagulate with the residual glue and clog the dispensing needle. If the glue coagulating phenomenon occurs in stainless steel dispensing needles and high precision dispensing needles, the temperature can be increased to melt the glue in the syringe, but if it is the PP flexible dispensing syringe, it is best to replace the dispensing needle again, so as to avoid the blockage of the needle and affect the dispensing work.
Although some needles can be used only once, but in the use of the dispenser dispensing needle general prices are relatively affordable, as long as the master of needles used, the needles can be a good choice, you can avoid blockage, prolong the service life of the dispensing needle.
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