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What are the common needles?

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The glue needle is used in many industries, and it is a part of the glue that is installed in the dispensing machine. Because the range of application of dispensing needles is wide, and the demand for dispensing is different in every industry, there are many kinds of needles in dispensing machines.
1, double thread dispensing needle
As you can see from the name, the glue needle has a thread. The connection with the needle cylinder is more stable, and the stability of the glue can be ensured during the dispensing process. Some double thread dispensing needles are made of metallic materials, some of which are made of non-metallic materials, and the glue dispensing needles made of different materials are also suitable for different glue. The double thread glue needle has a certain range of use.
2, PP flexible dot glue needle
The general PP flexible dispensing needles are made of non-metallic materials. The PP flexible dispensing needles are used for dispensing, which is not easy to scrape the products, but also ensures the smoothness and practicability of the dispensing, and has a wide application range.
Stainless steel lengthening needles
Bayonet dispensing needles are the most widely used. In the LED, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic parts and other industries, the dispensing pillow needle can be used, and the price is also cheaper. The bayonet dispensing needle is also made of non-metallic material. The PP needle tube is used as the PP flexible dispensing needle, which is not easy to scrape the flower products, and can improve the production quality of the products.
4, stainless steel dot glue needle
Different from the above two kinds, the stainless steel dot glue needle is made of metal material, it can be used for a long time and the service life is long. However, this kind of needling needle is easy to scrape the flower when it is used, so it is necessary to pay attention to its use when using it. The use of stainless steel dot glue needles is also widely used.
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