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Cause the plugging of the needling needle

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The dispensing needle is one of the important parts of dispensing, dispensing needles is mainly used in the treatment of glue and glue evenly para high precision, in the production process of electronic parts mainly realize precision dispensing through high precision dispensing needle, needle dispensing work often encountered in the actual process of blocking problem, then what is the dispensing needle clogging the reason for this?
First of all know whether because of the viscosity of the glue is too high, high viscosity glue generally has the characteristics of poor liquidity and strong bonding, mainly used in the bonding work of large product, due to the liquidity of high viscosity glue is very poor, to ensure the smooth dispensing work is very important, if you can not guarantee the smooth implementation of the work easily lead to dispensing the internal curing blockage caused by the glue slowly.
Double needles is a kind of special needle used in high precision dispensing, equipped with two fine outlet hose to glue evenly quantitatively glue, glue glue not offset bad problems, this is the main reason dispensing needle blocking glue outlet caused by too small, when the glue dispensing needle to flow some will begin uniform glue glue, if the speed is too slow in this part of the glue easily cured by proper heating can cause blockage, reduce the viscosity of the glue dispensing needle tube to solve the congestion problem.
Causes of dispensing needle clogging actually and internal contact must exist before the installation, should check whether the internal dispensing needle foreign matter, if not promptly clean easy to cause the glue flow blockage during the process of curing, clean-up work to bring great inconvenience, which is an important cause of dispensing needle clogging.
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