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The difference between the double pipe needles and the ordin

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There the dispensing needle dispenser has a wider applicable range and higher practical value, for a variety of dispensing work needs to choose a different dispensing needle, which is mainly applied to the double needles high precision dispensing work, make the dispensing precision and quantity point glial increased, supporting different play dispensing function the higher the work effect, double needles and ordinary needle differ from the following general popularization about the difference between the two.
Mainly used in ordinary dispensing needle precision dispensing work low, ordinary needles are cheap and high penetration rate, in line with the dispensing market demand less, but the effect of ordinary dispensing needle used in some special dispensing work is low, such as special glue and high precision dispensing work in this area ordinary needles can not meet, there are various special glue dispensing needle for the use, such as for amber UV glue dispensing needle, dedicated to anaerobic adhesive dispensing needles, used in high accuracy point as can be accomplished by double glue dispensing needle.
The most notable feature of the double bottom two needles is the glue dispensing needle, needle generally more fine than high precision, small electronic products to uniform and correct the glue dispensing needle, double tube filling plays an important role in the irregular path of slit, glue conversion rate is very high. Ensure the filling work will not overflow and other problems, to the important role of the value of the product upgrade.
According to the actual application demand, if the need for higher precision glue can use the three pipe needles, the glue is more fine, more uniform, and more practical.
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