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What's the solution to plug in the needle

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The dispensing needle precision its scope is more extensive, production of high precision dispensing is mainly used in some high-tech equipment which is responsible for bonding, packaging, sealing filling work, using precision dispensing needles can solve the high precision production demand, but in the use of needles were prone to clogging, then dispensing blocking solution needles have?

We must first understand what causes the dispensing needle clogging, usually because the needle blockage is caused by the high viscosity of the glue, glue when high viscosity in poor fluidity of the needle part, and where it is easy to cause glue dispensing needle clogging affect the quality of production, so that the dispensing work coherence is very important, start dispensing before determine a good working environment and accessories are perfect for the coherent glue dispensing needle work, if the blockage can reduce internal blockage of glue viscosity by heating, so that the smooth circulation can solve the blocking problem of needles.
Dispensing needle size is caused by a blockage of reason, if it is high precision production line use precision dispensing needle small, if applied to large area coating on the use of large needles, small amount of glue dispensing needle is fine, when the flow is too slow when the glue in the needle head will slowly curing clogging.
Where do you buy high quality glue needles? In the selection of automated dispensing needle system can enhance the working quality and efficiency of dispensing, dispensing machine related accessories are used in precision production, precision polishing without burr, applied to various high precision production work, to help users solve the problems in the dispensing process, ensure high quality and high benefit production.
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