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What material is made of the glue needle

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The dispensing needle is one of the important parts of glue dispensing machine, in the process of flowing through the dispensing needle for dispensing uniform accurate alignment, to ensure that the products of the bonding area and the bonding effect meet the job requirements, dispensing needles of different function on the market, PP dispensing needle scratch, dedicated to instant glue dispensing Teflon the dispensing needle, the needle plays an important role in the dispensing work, then dispensing needles with what material do?
Stainless steel needles is made of stainless steel materials, stainless steel needles range is very wide, the majority of dispensing machine support equipped with stainless steel needles for dispensing, stainless steel to build with longer life and more effective for dispensing, dispensing glue can be used in low corrosion and does not affect the work effect, corrosion good performance of corrosion erosion, has been widely used in the production of high strength work, ensure that the overall effect of dispensing work.
Teflon is a dispensing needle for instant glue dispensing needle, Teflon dispensing needle has the characteristics of low temperature corrosion, friction coefficient which can smoothly use instant glue dispensing, Teflon material itself has a certain inertia, can prevent the instant glue inside the fast curing, applicable to all kinds of fluid curing prone to clogging easily for dispensing.
Where do you buy Multi - functional high quality spot glue needles? In the choice of system automation can meet the production needs of different industries in the work, there are a variety of automation system with the industry for the dispensing needle, there are various kinds of multifunctional dispensing valve, can help the user to improve dispensing work quality and efficiency, years of research experience in the automation system is an important achievement in the dispensing industry.
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