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A glance at the precision of the glue needles of various typ

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The dispensing needle of each type of production process is different, the glue and glue precision are very different, the effect of dispensing different, is to be used in various industries, it can get better effect of dispensing, can satisfy the needs of customers, but also to choose appropriate dispensing machine can make the dispensing effect to meet customer demand, it can improve the production profit for the enterprise.
A dispensing needle has many kinds of parameters, it is not possible to various types of needle dispensing accuracy of a list in an article, if you do not know how to choose the appropriate dispensing needle, then use the glue dispensing machine, and the need to produce the adhesive can consult manufacturers, manufacturers give customers a satisfactory answer. This is the quickest way to solve the problem quickly and effectively, the dispensing of enterprises, also do not need to test yourself.
The market for precision dispensing needle double thread needles as an example, a list of parameters some dispensing needle, double thread needles are not beyond the size of each thread needles are all the same, according to customer demand for the dispensing needle 10G to 30G 10G, the largest diameter of 2.7mm needles. 30G, 0.01mm, every other type of inner and outer diameter size is changed, so the dispensing industry can be based on these characteristics, choose the appropriate rapid dispensing needle.
Different dispensing needle industry choice are different, this is no rules, how to make the dispensing needle is not appropriate to use, where you can customize the appropriate dispensing needles, needles enterprises can use this custom to complete dispensing task, each point is the glue needle precision is different. If you want to know what matters dispensing needle, can be made in Automation Co. Ltd. is the official website for selection.
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