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How to solve the problem of cleaning valve cleaning in the s

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In the operation of dispenser, its cleaning is always an important problem, especially the problem of cleaning the dispensing valve. This is the most important thing, and the way of cleaning of different dispensing valves is also different. For example, the AB glue dispenser is powered by a double - component fluid spot cleaning valve and a pneumatic spray - type injection valve. The cleaning methods of these two parts are completely different. So how do we solve this problem?
Large flow dispensing valve
The AB glue dispenser, because it uses a AB mixture to do the dispensing operation, so the dual component fluid dispensing valves it uses are mostly driven by electricity. This is because the combination of the two kinds of glue must be driven by high precision, so that the mixture ratio can be made at the right proportion, so that the dispensing operation can be successfully completed.
The high flow gas moving point glue valve is several times as fast as the air pressure. The dispensing valve with a dispensing machine, will be finished cleaning, but inside the dispensing machine set structure still need to be carefully cleaned. Usually before we clean up the double split splitter valve, it is often the first to check whether the damaged parts of the equipment need to be replaced and replaced or lubricated. Then the dust-free gauze is used to wipe the equipment carefully and finish the cleaning valve.
Clean up the steps and power flow automatic dispensing valve contrast dispensing valve pneumatic dispensing valve, due to components of pneumatic dispensing valve is more complicated, which is composed of a cylinder, valve, cylinder three parts, so it needs cleaning time than power dispensing valve much longer, but because the pneumatic dispensing valve when internal cleaning has been cleared of cylinder and valve, therefore the time gap between them and the use cost is not great. Moreover, the purchase cost of the gas moving point glue valve is much lower than that of the double component fluid dispensing valve.
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