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How to install the corresponding glue needles after buying t

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After the purchase of dispensing equipment, general enterprises will tell manufacturers the dispensing equipment, can use what type of glue, or what if there is no needles, can no longer choose the manufacturers to purchase, to prepare Automation Co. Ltd. purchase, with excellent service team, and a lot of glue dispensing. Will one by one to explain, when necessary, will be directly discharged to the inspection and maintenance of one person.
How about the dispensing needle dispenser configuration there are many kinds of factors to decide things, for example: the purchase of precision automatic dispensing machine, you may need to use precision dispensing needles for precision dispensing machines are generally used in which more sophisticated industries, so that the dispensing needle is the same, is to high precision dispensing function, the use of other needles may not reach the effect on schedule.
Select the dispensing needle, is the need to know what to buy and use the glue dispensing machine, both to understand the choice of needles is very appropriate, dispensing needles selection can also be based on a size selection of needles, glue size and viscosity such as low viscosity and a small amount of glue, can choose small needle dispensing, dispensing equipment equipped with needles must meet the requirements to the dispensing, so that it can complete the product dispensing.
Various types of needle dispensing accuracy are different, is able to meet the requirements of various dispensing equipment, just select the dispensing needle selected according to the above two kinds of way, dispensing needles this configuration is very suitable to use, if you need to use the special glue water, also can consult in System Automation Co. Ltd. for dispensing needle production the appropriate use of.
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