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Do double pipe needles lead to wire drawing

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Double pipe needles do not appear wire drawing problem, why can there be wire drawing problem? Because of the suction valve and back pressure will form dispensing needle drawing, so the use of needles at the same time clearly does not produce adverse reactions between the two will, if drawing, dispensing needles need to change a large number, can prevent this problem, or better solve the problem.
There must be a lot of people who don't know that the double pipe needles will pull the silk. In fact, familiar with dispensing machine accessories, will know this problem, the use will not have this problem, but also to the drawing problem caused by the suction valve, so when choosing between the two parts, need to know what will the conflict place, so as to prevent any adverse effect of dispensing. The dispensing machine parts will have this problem, various types of needle dispensing accuracy is different, not the same as specification, selection is quite difficult, can consult some good business, understand the performance of the dispensing needle.
The use of needles is very important, many industries have not been used to jet dispensing machine, but also need to use the dispensing needle assisted dispensing, dispensing needle tube also has its characteristics and advantages, especially the need to point parallel double point of the industry, use double needle point glue is more effective, there are advantages the disadvantage is not able to carry out a single point, that each dispensing needle are all have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Double needles is not drawing problem, the production process can be assured, unless this dispensing needle is very bad, because the internal glue dispensing needle is rough, so that the flow rate is uneven, resulting in a drawing, choose high quality dispensing needles, in System Automation Co. Ltd. purchase, quality assurance.
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