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Which kinds of glue can be used by double pipe needles

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Dispensing needle application is in order to improve the effect of dispensing needles, some is unable to use this type of glue, naturally did not enhance the effect of dispensing effect, you can use double needles what type of glue, with the production of materials and technology have a great relationship.
First of all, we need to know what material is used for the double tube dispensing needles, and the glue is corrosiveness. We need to meet these requirements if we want to use many kinds of glue. Double pipe dispensing needles, which use stainless steel as the main material, blend other metal materials, improve their anticorrosive capability, so that glue dispensing needles can be applied more. Now many dispensing needles are manufactured by such methods.
There are a lot of double needles can use glue, respectively, silica gel, hot melt adhesive, epoxy resin, adhesive, resin and so on, the market most glue can be used, in the use of the dispensing machine, according to whether the use of the glue, and then select the appropriate dispensing needles, needles are used according to the different glue and glue machine configuration, so it can give full play to the advantage of dispensing needles.
Double needles and some glue can be used, for example: 502 glue, belongs to the fast drying adhesive, solidification time is too fast, it is best not to use advanced dispensing needles, disposable dispensing needles can, which can reduce the cost of enterprises, while the dispensing needle head price is relatively low, but a duplex dispensing needle is a dispensing needle several times, still can save some costs.
Various types of needle dispensing accuracy with the production process have a great relationship, double precision dispensing needle with single dispensing accuracy almost as long as the double use requirements better, but also to meet the needs of the industry to produce equipment, its function is the same.
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